How To Make GIF, Complete Information About Making GIF

    Hello friends.. Today we are going to tell you about how to make GIF. If you also want to send your GIF to anyone, then you have come to the right place.  Today you will learn about making a GIF through this post.  And we will explain this in a very simple language.  Hope you like all our posts.  And like wise you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog.
     Nowadays every person uses social media.  And all kinds of GIFs are sent to social media.  We keep sending some kind of video or GIF to our friends.  Its mostly used on Whatsapp.  You must also send videos of these smallest size GIFs to your friends.
     Have you thought how this GIF is created, which is called GIF Animation Video.  Which is 1-2 Mb and is only a few seconds.  It is very easy to make it.  You can also send Whatsapp GIF to your friends on Whatsapp.  But making a GIF  you would hardly know this and if you do not know then in this post you will know today.

    What Is Gif & How To Make GIF

    Every kind of video is being sent to Social Media and we can send some of these videos to small clips, which is called GIF.  We can make GIF of any of our photos.  Or you can create GIF of any video.  And can send to your friends.

    How To Make GIF In Computer

    Creating a GIF in the computer is very easy, for this, we will tell you a website with the help of which we can easily create Animation GIF.  Next we are telling you Step by Step about it:

    Go To Website

    Now you have to go to this website GIFmaker.Me.

    Upload Image

     After going to the website, click on the image image option you will see.  Now uploading the image will open a popup window.

    Select Images

     Select all the images that make up GIF Animation.  Now the image will start uploading.

     Image Preview

     When the image uploads, you can see its preview.  Adjust its size, speed and animation.

    Preview - You can see the demo of the GIF file created here.
    Canvas Size Of GIF Or Video - Set GIF animation size in it.
    Animation Speed ​​- You can set the GIF speed in it.

    Create GIF Animation:

     When the setting is completed, click on Create GIF Animation option.

    Download The GIF

     Now download The GIF option will appear by clicking on Animation's GIF File.  Just got your animated GIF, so in this way you can make GIF Animation of any photo.

    How To Make Whatsapp GIF

    Creating GIF on Whatsapp is also very easy You can easily send a GIF to Whatsapp on your Friend.  So let's know about making a GIF on WhatsApp

     Open Whatsapp

     First of all open Whatsapp in your mobile.

     Open Chat

     Now open any chat you want to GIF Video / Image Send.

     Click Attachment Icon

     When you open Chat, you will see the Attachment icon in the right side below.


     Then click on the gallery option and select the video that you want to make the GIF.

     Set Time Duration

     After selecting the video you will see the Time Duration of the video above, you can send up to 5-15 seconds of video.

     Cut Video

     Now you can cut this video from wherever you want to Video Cut and click on the GIF option.

     Send Video

     After clicking on GIF, send it and your GIF will be sent.  So just in this easy way you can send GIF to anyone on Whatsapp.

     GIF Maker App

    We are telling you some apps to make a GIF, you can also create a GIF with the help of these apps.  And it also gives you lots of options to create a GIF.  So let's know now by app GIF Animation Kaise Banaye:

    GIF Maker - GIF Editor

     Download App

     First of all download this App GIF Maker - GIF Editor.

     Open App

     Now after installing the app, open it.

     Tap On Video GIF

     Now you will be seeing a lot of options in it.  So click on video-gif and select your video.

     Set Time Duration

     After selecting the video, select Time Duration, where do you want to make GIF?

     Tap On Done

     You can do whatever you want to design in it according to your calculations.  In it, the color, decoration can manage accordingly.  Then click on Done.

     Click Save Option

     Now let's click on Save in the last one.
     Just like this you can make a GIF  In this app you get more options which you can use according to your own.  In it you can also create Image GIF, edit GIF and also create GIF from Direct Camera.

     Du GIF Maker

     Download App

     Download and install this App Du GIF Maker in your phone and install it.

     Open App

     After installing, open the app.

     Video to GIF

     You will find 5 options in it, so you can create a GIF, then click on Video To GIF option.

     Select Video

     Then the gallery of your phone will open in front of you. Now select the video you want to create the GIF.

     Select Speed

     Now select video GIF's time.  You can also select Speed ​​in it.  And if you want to write something in GIF, then you can also write some text by clicking on text option.


     After that GIF is complete and save it.  So friends can make GIFs from any of your videos using these apps.  And whoever you want to send this GIF.

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    Through today's post we have told you about making a GIF.  Hope that the information given by us will be useful to you. Thank You

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