What Is A Blog And How To Earn Money From A Blog

    These days people seem to be making a lot of blogging.  People sitting at home are writing their blog and going to earn a lot of money.  Very few people know that the blog term is a short form of English "web-blog", which started in 1998.  It would not be wrong to say that the blog has become a platform available on the web-world where you can keep your points in front of the whole world as an author.  Writing a blog is called 'blogging' and a 'blogger' who writes it.

    What is a blog and how to earn money from a blog

     Let's tell you some special terms related to the blog:
     1. Blog-hosting: A blog-host is a place from where you can control your domain and all the essential things like file-folder.  When you have to create a paid site, then you have to buy both domain names and blog hosting.  It has been observed that blog hosting providers give you both integrated "wordpress blog" and "domain name" (domain name).  Mainly names like godaddy, bigrock, blue-host, and bloghost are more popular in blog-hosting providers.  Hostinger.in is a free hosting provider in which you can create a free account and create your own blog with limited web-space.

     2. Free Blogging: Many people are afraid that blogging will take charge, while not so, blogging is absolutely free.  But nowadays every sector has a fund of term and condition which also applies to blogging.  The free blog will be in the form of www.yourchosenname.blogprovidername.com.

    3. Blog-platform: "WordPress" is the most appreciated in the world of Blogger because the blogs made in WordPress are Google Search-Fondly.  On the other hand, if you have a good grip on your blog-subject and you specialize in writing, then you will soon get top positions in Google search engine, so that the crowd of readers will break on your blog.  Other blog platform providers are blaspots, joomla, drupal etc.  You can make your blog absolutely free here by paying them at a later time and get a custom domain and free web-space.

     After knowing the aforementioned term, now you have a question about who will read your blog.  This question is absolutely correct in your place.  Why would anyone want to read a blog written about the person who does not know the world?  People will read the blogs of Amitabh Bachchan and Narendra Modi, why would anybody of the common man?  If you are thinking of this then this is a completely wrong thought.  Your art of writing and your creative mind can give you a new identity in the world.  There is no shortage of educated readers (readers) in this web-world.  Your personal knowledge of your technical knowledge, your cooking, and your voice can reach you at that peak of blogging, where you will not be less than a celebrity.

     Earning from Blog, Learn How?

     The world of blogging is capable of giving you wealth as well as the name.  There are many ways to earn money through blogging.  It depends on your creative skill, how do you force the audience coming to your blog to get lost in your article so that you get out of your blog after giving you some financial support.  Let us know that "Google Adsense" is the most effective way to make money.  Google Adsense will check your blog first and then check it out.  If your blog looks good, then it will send a code to your postal address by applying your account, which you have to put on your AdSense account.  You can then earn more than a salary person every month with a user click on your blog post by entering the google adsense earning add-code.

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     Note: See blogging as a way to make money, but not as a passion.  You will get plenty of money but there is a world outside of money too.  If we make blogging the only means of earning, then our blog will remain a market blog.  It is very important for us to focus on our content.  If this happens, people will be drawn to your blog and it is obvious that earnings will be too much and you will also get a special identity in the crowd of this bill.

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