What is Google Adsense, Complete Information About Adsense

    Google Adsense, Friends Have you heard of google advertising program Adsense?
    This is what posting Adsense is about.
    Users who do not know about this are better users who use Internet.
    But people interested in online earning may have heard about Adsense.

    Google Adsense This product was launched by Google in 2003.  Advertiser, website publishers, and for the benefit of Google itself.

     According to the Adsense report, publishers have paid $ 10 billion (6394 billion dollars) in one year.

    Why does Adsense pay money to website owners / publishers?

     The simple answer is that you have placed an advertisement by Google on your blog / website, which other companies have given Google money to advertise their product, Google will pay some money from publishers  gives.
    So let us know about detail information about Adsense.

    What Is Google Adsense

    Adsense is a service offered by Google Incorporated, which shows the audience automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements.

    Google Adsense is the reason for being the best from the other advertising network, adsense users see relevant ads and high paying network.

    It works according to CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per 1000 impression).

    Adsense only decides whether to display CMP ads or CPC ads on your site, more CPC ads are shown.

    You have to advertise adsense showing on your website, and when a visitor clicks those ads, Adsense shares 68% of the revenue.

    How Does Google Adsense Work

    Actually, Google has a product called Adwords, which is more earning than Google.

     AdWords lets advertisers pay Google ads for their product, business, and Google gives us the opportunity to place advertisements on those products on our site.

     When we click on our site's visitor ad, then according to CPC, 68% of us benefit us and 32% benefit Google.

     When you put the adsense code on your site, adsense according to your content, knows its interest according to its Google search history, and similar to other factors, it looks on the relevant ads website.

    How to Receive Payment from AdSense

     You must earn a minimum of $ 100 in your adsense account me to receive payment from Google Adsense, then you will be able to withdraw money.

     Just like your account will earn $ 10 adsense will send a PIN to your address to verify your address.

    All you need to do is give your bank account details.  And the monthly income you earn will be deposited by google adsense in your account.

    Adsense Guidelines:

     If you are thinking that by creating a blog, it will start earning money easily from adsense.
    But one thing to tell in the friends is to find Adsenes's account is not easy to work, it is responsible for looking at the quality of the google website and giving an adsense account to the quality website.

     That means that you have to create a quality website then you will get an adsense account and earn money from adsense.

     There are adsense conditions after getting an Adsense account, which you will have to follow, or your adsense account can also ban (discontinued).

     If you do not want to get an account ban after getting another Adsense account, then the following adsense rules will not be known.

    To get an Adsense account, you must not have adult content, hacking content, gambling content, etc. on your site. You can not post any other copyright content on your site.  (You can give a topic in your language which you are interested in but will not copy-paste.) After Adsense account is approved, you can not do invalid clicks, advertisements, such as clicking on ads yourself and your friends,  Clicking from relatives, encouraging visitors to click on ads, doing so closes the account.  If the user is interested then he will click on it wants google.

     You can read google adsense program policies here in details

     If you follow adsense guideline, your adsense account will be safe.

    After reading this post, you will know very well what is google adsense.

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     Adsense is a great way to earn money, but for this you do not have to create good blogs and dissolve the adsense policy.

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