What is Google Adsense? How To Create Google Adsense Acount?

    Our todays post is associated with Earn Money Online. today we will talk about Google Adsense. What is Google Adsense & How to create acount on Google Adsense. So let's start.
     In today's time, every person wants to earn money through internet, he keeps thinking about how to earn money from the internet.  And many people make website and blog that they can earn money by sitting at home.

     In such a situation, there are many questions of new users on the internet such as: Can money be really earned through internet?  How to earn money from the internet?

    So let's tell the new user that the answer to your first question is - Yes!  Money can be earned through internet, there are several ways.  And the answer to your second question today is how we can tell you through our post how to earn money from the internet.

    You can earn money with the help of internet sitting online by making your free website or blog or by uploading videos on Youtube, now how it comes to it?  So the answer is Google Adsense!  Yes, through Google Adsense, we can earn money sitting at home. Now your question is whether this is what is Google Adsense.

     Just by making a website or blog on the Internet or by uploading videos on YouTube, we can not earn money, just as every work has to work hard after that success is achieved, it will have to work harder even here, but this  Only your brain will work, here you just have to work smart.

    What Is Google Adsense ?

    Google Adsense is a service from Google that allows Publishers to place ads on uploaded websites on their Website, Blog and Youtube, and these ads are of various types like Text, Video, Image, Etc.

     When an advertiser (company or other person) wants to promote his product or service, he does not go to any publisher (website) and has an Ads Show on your website through Google Adsense, in return for which he will send Google Adsense to  Pays the money, the publisher is the one who has a website, blog, or any Youtube channel, and the advertiser is the one who creates a product or service.

     The main task of Google Adsense is to show ads on Blogs / Websites with more Traffic and Youtube Channels, Google Adsense Cpc (Cost-per-click) and Cpi (Cost-per-impression) payments to Blog and Website.

     Google Adsense deducts its share of its profits and provides it to the blog and website owner who has received this Revenue from the blog / website advertisement.

     For example, if an advertiser has given Google 100 $ to make your Ads Show, then any visitor comes to your site and clicks on that advertisement, Google will give 68% of you $ 100, and 32% of the rest to Google.  Google Adsense works in this way.

     The good thing about Google Adsense is that Adsense shows ads according to the topic of your website and blog, if you write an article on the technology on your blog, Adsense also shows you ads related to technology.

     If you have any Youtube Channel or any Website / Blog, then you can also earn money, but for that first you need to have Google Adsense Account.

    It is now reported that How To Create Google Adsense Account? So let us also tell you today that how to apply for Google Adsense? If you do not have any Website / Blog then you can read our Post
    👉 How To Create Free Blog Or Website

    How to Create a Google Adsense Account

    We will take some steps to help you create an account on Google Adsense -

     First of all, you open Google Adsense website "Adsense.Com" by visiting Google, if you have a Gmail account, then click on Sign In and if not, click Sign Up.

    After signing in, when you reach the page of Welcome To Adsense, you will have two options - My Website - You will have to write your website's Url in it. Content Language - What is the language of your website?  These two options fill the option, then you have to click on the button "Save and Continue"

    After clicking on the button with Save and Continue, you will see a message in front of you, you will see "I Agree" written on it, Click on it. After clicking, you will need to enter your Contact Information such as Countryount Territory - IndiaTime Zone - IstAccount Type  - Your Account Type | Name And Address - Your Name And Address | Primary Contact - Your Mobile Number | How Did You Get To Know Adsense?  - Select Ads - Email Preference in Adsense Email Preferences - Now all of your Adsense account is almost done Now the Google Adsense team will mail your Gmail Id, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 days,  Then when you have access to Adsense mail, then go to Adsense.Com and open your Adsense Account, then you have to complete 3 Steps to get Google Adsense Approval. First you will have to click on My Ad. Then you will be able to click on New Ad Unit  You can create your ad by clicking on it. When you create an ad, copy that Code to your Web  Place on site / Blog.

     Once the Ad Code has been placed on its site, the Google Adsense team will check your Website / Blog and then Ad will be live on your Site. In this process at least you can take 4 to 5 days,  The Google Adsense team will mail you to tell you whether or not your site has been live.

    Yes, friends, how do you feel about our today's post today we told you that what is Google Adsense and how to create Google Adsense Account. hope you have understood and will have liked because we have used simple language to explain you. You will also find answers to many questions related to Google Adsense.

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